December 12 2018 to February 6 2019

Shangri-La Springs currently features the original works of Rosemary Allen and Andrew McClure in their Branching Out art exhibit. During the Branching Out Art Exhibit we celebrate the many varieties of trees on the property at Shangri-La Springs including the giant Mysore Fig Trees, unique Gumbo Limbo trees and the many other varieties of well preserved trees which make the grounds here feel magical, nurtured and alive. Enjoy jazz piano in the great house by Mickey Basil, live sidewalk chalk art by Jane Portaluppi Durand, free mini treatments in the spa, Contortions by Bendy Kat, Paper Grotto Theatre by Lily Hatchet with music by Kat Epple and a community drumming circle under the stars. We invite you to freely enjoy this Historic property in Bonita Springs Florida at 27750 Old 41 Rd. Please call 239-949-0749 for more information.

BRANCHING OUT Art Opening and Reception

Meet the artists and view their work.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Wednesday, January 9, 2019
6-9pm FREE to the public

Join us for an evening of artistic experience at the opening of the BRANCHING OUT art show featuring the works of Rosemary Allen and Andrew McClure.

Please Note

Event festivities advertised may vary from time to time due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing you.

Shangri-La Springs is a pet-friendly venue but due to limited space in the main house, pets are limited to the outside grounds and deck.


No outside photography, food or drinks permitted on the property. Applies to all events.


Paper Grotto

Paper Grotto LIVE...

is a Video, Dance and Music performance inside a giant paper sculpture set. The performers appear and disappear inside the sculpture installation as it is built from the inside out. The video projection on sculpture and dance creates a mesmerizing look into a hyper-real "living painting".
Press Release [PDF]

Performances of PAPER GROTTO start at dusk.

About the BRANCHING OUT featured artists




Rosemary lives in Southwest Florida along Spring Creek where the mangroves meet the Gulf of Mexico. As a curious artist in Southwest Florida, she is inspired by the unique web of life she encounters! On walks through the uplands, fresh water marsh and coastal wetlands, she is prompted by her Muse to paint images that open portals to worlds of wonder and find words for those painted symbols with poetry. Rosemary hopes her work will encourage others to seek out their own conversations and relationships with the natural world!

In addition to creating her own pieces, Rosemary is also an intentional creativity coach, offering inquiry-based art classes to connect others with their own intuitive wisdom. She believes that by developing a creativity practice, we are able to discover the questions that lead us to our own path. Through her paintbrush and instruction, Rosemary’s classes demonstrate how to integrate movement, words and symbols with observations in nature.

Andrew McClure

Andrew McClure

Andrew McClure

Andrew McClure was born in Martinsville, Indiana, studied at Purdue University, and currently resides in Bonita Springs, Florida. The love of nature that was fostered by his early life in the rural Midwest has never left him. It inspires his work and in turn, his work enables us to contemplate the beauty and mysteries that surround us.

The pieces he has created using Tillandsia (air plants) juxtapose elements from nature and repurposed objects. He carefully assembles them for maximum contrast of their textures. Then, in the miniature worlds he's set in motion, nature take its course to accomplish transformations of shape and color caused by the growth of the living elements.

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Art Show

NOVDEC19 Art Show

Artists Beth Schroeder and Erik Pflueger will have their original work on display at Shangri-La Springs from November 1st through December 31st 2019. Meet the artists at our Art & Soul Community Night on Wednesday December 11 2019 — 6 to 10pm.

Making Spirits Bright: Wed Dec 11 – 6 to 9pm

The first of the popular free events will have a holiday theme "Making Spirits Bright,"" with the Gulfcoast Symphony Harpist, Christian Bell, playing sounds of magic fairies and mischievous elves. His music will evoke the holiday spirit.

Art Show

SEPOCT19 Art Show

Artists Marile Franco, Christopher Sweeney and Erick Montes de Orca will have their original work on display at Shangri-La Springs from September 1st through October 31st 2019. Meet the artists at our MUERTOS MONSTER MASH event on Thursday Octtober 31 2019 — 6 to 10pm.

Day of the Dead: Muertos Monster Mash

Day of the Dead: Muertos Monster Mash – Thu Oct 31 – 6 to 10pm

Enjoy a "Dia de los Muertos" themed event including Halloween favorites like a costume contest, a corn maze and haunted house along with piñatas and prizes, photo booth, free arts & crafts for kids, face painting, art exhibit, Mariachi, DJ, dancing and more activities for the whole family to experience!


ELEMENTS Art Show – Feb 13 to Apr 3 2019

Featuring the original works of Mila Apperlo and Guy Tieman in the Great House. Free to view all days we are open and during events and programs. (2019)

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