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As many of you know, Shangri-La Springs was originally built in 1921 as a hotel. Since then, the property has grown under several owners into the extraordinary property Shangri-La is today. However one of the most significant things that was left behind as prior owners came and went, were the hotel rooms. On July 1st, we will be closing the Great House for the summer to give us the opportunity to renovate the entire second story and the rooms along the side of the property.

Classes will be discontinued during this period, and our Dining Room and Gift Shop will be closed. Events and Art Shows will also be suspended temporarily.

The good news, our beloved Organic Spa will remain open throughout the renovation. We hope you are as excited as we are and know that we understand what an inconvenience this may be. In closing, we will be able to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, minimizing our down time in order to welcome our guests back as soon as possible.

The Spa at Shangri-La Springs

Experience Serenity

10am to 4pm – Tue – Sun

The Spa at Shangri-La Springs welcomes guests to experience the serenity and healing benefits of all our spa offerings. Spend an hour or spend a day. We are a unique spa experience. Come and enjoy the Spa at Shangri-La Springs.

For more information about the spa, our therapists, services offered or to book an appointment, please call (239) 676-7334 or email

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Eyes Wide Open

The Shangri-La Springs Wellness Blog

Following the path of our roots, Shangri-La Springs continues as a center for vitality through healing arts and nature. We integrate this tradition into everything that we currently offer. This blog is a curated collection of educational and informative articles and recommended reading on health and wellness.

A Rich History

In 1921, the Heitman family constructed the Heitman Hotel on eight acres of land in the heart of what is now Old Bonita. The family was developing property to the west and the 25-room hotel provided potential buyers a place to stay while their new homes were constructed.

A Sanctuary

As the world changes around us, we hold to these ideals ensuring that Shangri-La Springs will be a sanctuary for future generations as it has been for generations past.

A Vision

For decades, Shangri-La Springs has been a nexus of therapeutic practices, activities and engagement. Worldwide travelers have been drawn to this verdant and vibrant sanctuary which provides the foundation for the comforting architectural features and vitality-centered activities taking place.